Our Another Successful Medico-Legal Seminar
On Thursday, May 6th 2021, Allied Neurology and Interventional Pain Practice held another successful medico-legal seminar. More»



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First Dinner Seminar this Year of Dr. Dariusz Nasiek, MD


On Thursday, January 21st Allied Neurology and Interventional Pain Practice, PC and Dr. Dariusz Nasiek, MD held its first monthly conference of 2021 at Royal Warsaw Restaurant.

At this conference Dr. Nasiek presented on the Medico-Legal Definitions of the Final Diagnoses and Permanency of certain injuries. The presentation outlined the diagnosis and permanency of the following key injuries: contusion, concussion, disc bulging/herniation, facet arthropathy, radiculopathy, and shoulder derangement.

Though small and following COVID guidelines of social distancing, mask wearing, and temperature screening, with only about 21 people in attendance, the conference was a great success. Everyone in attendance was excited to be in attendance and to be able to meet with colleagues, old and new, after so many months away. Allied Neurology looks forward to providing more conferences to spread education to the local medical and legal community.