About us

Our practice provides compassionate and comprehensive care for patient suffering from pain from injury or degeneration. We achieve tremendous results from our philosophy that detailed neurological evaluation should be followed by conservative care first and invasive but non-surgical care later. Neurology provides the basic knowledge to find the sources of pain, whereas the pain management allows for the non-surgical highly specialized therapy. Our physicians are highly trained not only to eliminate the pain but also to regenerate the damaged structures – in a process known as functional rehabilitation and regenerative medicine.

Functional rehabilitation – the most important is to restore the function, and not merely to eliminate the pain. The medications that provide only temporal elimination of the painful sensation are utilized only to facilitate the return to the normal function. This is achieved with the nerve blocks, minimally invasive procedures and non-surgical interventions. These procedures are usually preorder and followed by PT ad chiropractic care to maintain the functional state.

Regenerative medicine specifically the procedures utilizing the PRP injections promote the regeneration of the damaged structures. Regeneration tries to rebuild damaged structures and not only to elevate the pain.

Our program of rehabilitation and regeneration has been extremely successful in helping patients suffering from chronic pain without surgical interventions.