Discography is a procedure that involves injecting a contrast dye into the discs, in the spine to identify the source of chronic back pain. It utilizes X ray or CT/MRI imaging to visualize and assess the condition of these discs.

Discography is commonly employed when other imaging tests like MRI or CT scans have not provided a diagnosis for back pain or when a more precise understanding is required before considering surgery. This procedure aids in determining whether the disc is indeed causing the pain and if so which specific disc is affected.

The advantages of discography include:

  1. Diagnosis; Discography serves as an accurate diagnostic tool that confirms the origin of a patients pain and assists in guiding further treatment.
  2. Targeted treatment; Once discography has identified the source of pain patients can receive targeted treatments such, as discectomy or other interventions specifically tailored to address their condition.
  3. Minimally invasive; Compared to surgeries discography is a minimally invasive procedure that causes less discomfort and scarring.
  4. Recovery times; Since discography is minimally invasive, patients can typically resume their activities sooner compared to those who undergo traditional open surgeries.

If you have been dealing with back pain and are contemplating surgery or other interventions, for your discs especially if previous imaging tests have not yielded a definitive diagnosis discography could be a viable option for you. It is an safe procedure that can effectively help in diagnosing your condition before any disc related treatments. I recommend discussing the possibility of undergoing discography as a procedure with Dr. Nasiek to determine if it is the choice, for you. (e)

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