LMBB & RF Ablation

Lumbar facet medial branch block (LMBB) and radiofrequency (RF) ablation are used in the spine to diagnose and treat chronic low back pain resulting from conditions like arthritis or arthropathy.

Lumbar facet medial branch block (LMBB) and radiofrequency (RF) ablation are used in the spine to diagnose and treat chronic low back pain resulting from conditions, like arthritis or arthropathy.

During LMBB a small amount of medication is injected into the branch nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals from the lumbar facet joints. If the injection provides relief, it suggests that the facet joints are causing the pain. This diagnostic procedure assists doctors in confirming a diagnosis and determining whether LMBB RF ablation could be a long-term solution for pain relief.

In LMBB RF ablation, heat generated by a needle is used to disable the medial branch nerves for transmitting pain signals from the facet joints. The procedure is performed with anesthesia, using imaging technology like fluoroscopy to guide the needle to the affected area. By damaging these nerves with heat, low back pain associated with facet arthritis can be alleviated or even eliminated.

The advantages of LMBB and RF ablation include

Diagnosis; LMBB serves as a diagnostic tool that confirms the source of a patient’s pain and provides guidance, for further treatment options. If you’re experiencing back pain due, to arthritis in the facet joints of your lumbar spine, LMBB and RF ablation could be viable choices. These safe and effective procedures offer relief from your symptoms while allowing you to resume your activities sooner than traditional open surgeries. Consult with Dr. Nasiek to determine if LMBB and RF ablation are options, for you.

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